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Dr. Lubna Khawaja
Dental Surgeons


At Dr. Lubna's clinic, we’re committed to providing you with not only the ongoing treatment, but also all the support you need to get the most out of the dental problems you are facing. Our wide network of Dentists will ensure they take special care of you and will be supportive enough to answer all those questions that are troubling you. We are prepared to help you by providing you with the highest quality of service from day one – because we believe in maximizing your return on these clinical visitations.
Treatment & Support
Technology & Experience at its best
Dental work is generally multiple step procedures, requiring highly accurate clinical and laboratory processing. Thus such works require multiple appointments. The results behind our success is the result of decades of experience in Dentistry (Dr. Lubna has over 25 years of experience) and the deployment of high end digital technological equipment. We are proud to have the state of the art technology in radiography systems. We are using the KODAK Digital Radiography X-Ray system. Its innovative sensor technology with optical fiber yields high image resolution that helps us in making confident diagnoses every time. The technology also provides greater exposure latitude to help us capture the right image the first time, which means very low exposure of X-Rays to the patients.
Radiography :
Introral Camera :
IntraOral Camera allows us to document patientsl teeth from close range, and allows us to illustrate to our patients things we would like them to see in their mouths that they would otherwise have difficulty visualising. All radiographs and intraoral photos are saved in patient files in our database, and are easily emailed at patient request, or sent to our specialists for consultations.
High Quality Dental Material :
With a primary goal to provide a tangible value for money, we endeavour to provide top market dental materials for use on our clientele.This has the added benefit of improving the prognosis of all treatments. Our suppliers are generally from the USA, UK, Germany etc.